The StaySAFER Network™ is available in three primary models with numerous options to meet your specific organization's size, structure, priorities, and safety programs. Additionally, the StaySAFER Network seamlessly scales to accommodate future and long-term requirements.

StaySAFER Network are customized to reflect your organization's branding and goals reflecting an appearance that is familiar to your audience in order to maximize your audience's acceptance and participation.

Link Model:
The Link works best for organizations with established programs, websites and audiences. The StaySAFER Network Report and Recognize links are added to
your existing websites. When selected, your website visitor will be seamlessly connected to the StaySAFER page reflecting their selection. The default StaySAFER Network portal will be branded and streamlined to complement your existing website. The Link Model works with either the Domain or Enterprise Model.

Link Model

Domain Model:
The Domain Model works best for organizations with a single location or basic structure, operating with the same priorities and policies. The Domain Model has a single look and feel, brand, etc. Intelligence, People, Communications and Stuff are not shared between domains.

Domain Model

Enterprise Model:
The Enterprise Model works best for organizations with multiple locations, complex structures or diverse populations that maintain a central structure. StaySAFER Network's inherent flexibility supports your existing organizational structure which maximizes effectiveness and usage.

The Enterprise Model includes two or more domains which can each be branded to reflect the location, campus and so on. Intelligence, People, Communications and Stuff are shareable via the Enterprise portal which is perhaps the most powerful feature of this model as it lets the central structure monitor the pulse of its programs, locations and so on.

Enterprise Model

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