Universal, Secure Access from Anywhere to all the Necessary Stuff

  • Emergency Response Plans;
  • Blueprints and Engineering;
  • Knowledge Base  ;
  • Equipment & Supplies;
  • Remediation and Other Services;
  • Plans, Policies and Programs;
  • Active and Available Mutual Aid Agreements;

24-7-365 Access to the Stuff you need so you can initiate prevention, response and mitigation actions immediately from anywhere. We get it, you are the expert on what you have, what you might need and what you will do in the event of any emergency, man-made or natural disaster. The StaySAFER Network reduces delays and improves the effectiveness of your prevention, response and mitigation efforts by organizing and delivering immediate access when, where and if you should need it.


Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base delivers a secure repository for those files too sensitive to distribute via Internet e-mail and/or when active command posts may need files from outside an organization's facility or network. Emergency Response Plans, Blueprints, Policies, Mutual Aid Agreements and more can be easily added and accessed.

You create and manage the file categories ahead of time or on the fly through a user-friendly interface. Further, files are added through the same interface allowing you to identify the audience, related key words for searching, and so on. Viewers are able to rate the value of the file using a 1 to 5 star rating so you are able to gauge the files merit.


The StaySAFER Network Asset component is dynamic and fluid, providing access to equipment, supplies and personnel as needed. Available Equipment may be listed with specific details including the description, number of units, condition, location of asset and on-site contact information, availability start/end dates and so on. Assets supports the dispatch of available assets as well as providing an opportunity to request Assets you may not currently have in inventory.

Typically, the Asset component is restricted to an organization and their membership. However, in catastrophic emergencies, this specific component portal can be opened to the public allowing them to list any donations of goods, services, supplies, etc.

During Hurricane Katrina, over $13B of donations* were managed by federal, state and local agencies with the StaySAFER Network, nearly eliminating the logistics nightmare of having unnecessary and unusable donations stalling your response efforts and supply chain in the devastated area.

Additionally, response agencies located and contacted more than 200 Louisiana-based structural inspectors and engineers in under 30 minutes using YHD's system. Hopefully, you will never experience this same level of devastation. However, the StaySAFER Network will support your efforts should this occur.

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are accepted via an online interface allowing you to organize, confirm, communicate and schedule those you need while automatically expressing appreciation to those that are not currently needed.

Learn more about the other vital components necessary to create and maintain a safe and secure environment.

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*  Executive Offices of The President, Washington DC